Our Customised Software Products :

Some of the software products that we have implemented for our Clients :

(click on the product for details)
BhanTech easyPay For any organisation to manage Payroll, Income Tax, e-Filing, CPF, GSLI etc.
BhanTech easyReports To manage and generate MIS Reporting for any Organisation
BhanTech easyLoan For Central and State Govt. Agencies to manage Loans Disbursement and Recovery and to generate MIS Reporting as per Govt. Rules
BhanTech easyAccounts To manage vouching, various Books of Accounts as per the rules of the organisation and to generate Reporting
BhanTech easyCheque For Organisations who require Automated Printing of Cheques in bulk like Dividend Warrants and to generate and manage Customer Records and MIS Reporting
BhanTech easyInventory For managing the Assets and Inventory of any organisation
BhanTech easyConsolidation Organisations requiring data consolidation at a Central Location like Head Office and generate Quick Consolidation Reports
BhanTech easyWorks For Contractor and sub-Contractor Management
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