Our Customised Software Products :

We have years of experience in developing customised application software as per the requirement of the client. We focus more on satisfying our clients requirements by making it easy for them to do their jobs by converting their processes from manual to computerised. We do that without changing any of the procedures or formats with which they work.

The computer proficency of employees is also taken into account during the development of the software, so that the organisation do not need to give any special training to the employees after the process is changed from manual to computerised.

Some of the software products that we have implemented for our Clients :

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BhanTech easySCM For Organisations having Supply Chain Management requirement, involving Material Procurement, Order Processing, Factory Production, Stock, Challans, Billing, Sales, Reporting etc.
BhanTech easyCRM For Organisations dealing with Customer Service, manage Inventory, Payment etc, like Sale and Service Centres
BhanTech easyCourier For Courier and Cargo Delivery Organisations
BhanTech easyOPD For Out Patient Department of a Hospital, Nursing Home or a Clinic
BhanTech easyAdmission For any educational Institution like School, College, Coaching Centre, Computer Centre
BhanTech easyDayBook For any organisation, retail outlet or business to manage daily expenses
BhanTech easyReceipt For managing Receipts for Payments received by any organisation